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Our customers

NTS Retail today counts more than 30,000 deployed store installations at telcos in over 20 countries, serving 200 million subscribers.

Accredited by leading telco brands

Renowned telecoms worldwide manage their store operations, in-store customer engagement and order fulfillment with the NTS Retail Suite. They place their trust in the reliability of our software and in the expertise of our specialists.


  • Otuyemi Otule 9mobile

    We are extremely delighted with the quality of the solution, the ease of deployment and world-class professionalism shown by the NTS team.

    Otuyemi Otule / 9mobile

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  • Urs Lehmann Swisscom

    The NTS repairmanager allows cost-effective, straightforward processing of repair orders.

    Urs Lehmann / Swisscom AG

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  • Khalid Tantawi Vodafone Qatar

    With NTS Retail we have experienced one of our most stable & effective Point Of Sale Systems at Vodafone.

    Khalid Tantawi / Vodafone Qatar

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  • Testimonial image general

    Thanks to NTS Retail, all promotional offers can now be entirely represented at the POS.

    Sebastian Prange / Sunrise

  • Michael Rauch Telefonica Deutschland

    With NTS Retail, Telefónica Germany has been using a well-proven and re-currently innovative solution for retail management for more than 10 years now.

    Michael Rauch / Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG

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  • Mohamed ElHosieny Vodafone Egypt

    We are very proud of the successful completion of the POS X3 upgrade, one of our major strategic projects at Vodafone Egypt.

    Mohamed ElHosieny / Vodafone Egypt

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  • Johnny Steiner Quickline AG

    With the NTS Retail Suite in the Cloud, Quickline now has a perfect solution in place that helps us operate in a highly cost-efficient and flexible way towards further integrations.

    Johnny Steiner / Quickline AG

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  • Testimonial image general

    Together with NTS Retail, we managed to implement a whole new IT infrastructure allowing us to perform sales transactions and contract renewals directly at our new stores.

    Edward Sleijffers / Tele2 Nederland B.V.

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  • Michael Rauch Telefonica Deutschland

    Thanks to the NTS eTrainer, we were able to make the new shop processes available in all our stores and thus re-train our new employees quickly and in an uncomplicated manner.

    Michael Rauch / Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG

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  • Mutlu Bütüner, UPC (Schweiz) GmbH

    Taking advantage of the modular design of NTS Retail's software package, we are able to always guarantee our customers a "best-of-class" retail experience.

    Mutlu Bütüner / UPC (Schweiz) GmbH

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Case Studies


Customers in other areas

Despite our substantial customer base in our core segment of telecoms, we also have a strong track record in the areas of retail, public services and utilities.