The stock replenishment solution for telcos and specialist retailers

Our store inventory replenishment software allows you to simplify complex processes such as goods requests, order consolidation, and goods allocation. Carry out precise calculations regarding goods distribution and find the perfect balance between goods availability and storage costs. The allocation process is largely automated, resulting in a simplified order management across the board. With a centralized approach to managing goods distribution across all channels, our solution can be used on its own or in conjunction with overarching ERP systems or OMS solutions. Increase the transparency and turn your stores into a highly effective last-mile solution to your supply chain.

Improve the inventory replenishment efficiency across your retail network


  • Take and maintain control over the stock replenishment process in your shops
  • Optimize goods availability while minimizing storage costs
  • Leverage savings potential with smart order consolidation



  • Maximize transparency regarding order and delivery status
  • Streamline delivery cycles by centrally managing orders from different branches
  • Monitor goods transfers within your supply chain between store and warehouse locations


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Taking the hassle out of stock replenishment

Building on more than two decades of experience in the telco industry, our automated replenishment solution has been designed to make the lives of telco operators and specialist retailers easier, by allowing them to define their own set of rules for replenishing goods across all their store locations. Our system offers a wide variety of options: Whether you want to minimize the efforts and have re-orders sent out automatically or you want to issue orders yourself but just receive alerts once certain trigger points have been reached – it’s entirely up to you.

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How clever order consolidation can save you millions

This is an example calculation to illustrate how much potential there is within your supply chain to unlock amazing savings with a clever implementation of stock replenishment software. With two decades of experience in the field, we saw amazing results with leading telcos around the world.

  • Number of deliveries per shop made obsolete in one year: 104
  • Overhead costs per individual delivery per store: total of $40
  • Delivery costs saved per store over one year: $4,160
  • Saved delivery costs for 1,000 shops within one year: $4,160,000

Our stock replenishment aligns perfectly with our commerce solution

Retail management

Our range of retail management solutions has been tailored for the specific needs of telcos and specialist retailers. Managing replenishments is a key component in the process of implementing a successful omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel commerce

Applying a full-scale omnichannel strategy is no longer just an option, it’s become a necessity for telcos and CSPs around the globe. Our omnichannel commerce approach delivers the tools you need to stay ahead of the game.

Commerce platform

NTS commerce platform is perfectly equipped to unify your business processes and data across the entire scope of your retail network. It serves as the technical foundation for all our customer engagement solutions.

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