Streamline catalog management and merchandising

Our product catalog has been designed to simplify the handling of telco-specific product catalogs. Easily configure your product attributes including bundles, services, pricing plans, subscriptions, prepaid services and pricing parameters in just a matter of clicks. Additionally, NTS Retail allows for the flexible configuration of shipping and fulfillment options, real-time stock management and updates on available quantities. Our catalog management has been built to run multi-tenant enterprises and is capable of being shared across multiple vendors, subsites and teams.

Run your products & services with ease

  • Centrally manage your entire product catalog
  • Define categories and attributes on product level
  • Manage descriptions, metadata and media content
  • Add pricing information based on a variety of parameters
  • Configure price plans & services, bundles, and dependencies
  • Sync data for virtual and physical products between different catalogs
Product Catalog Software on iPad

Slim & powerful catalog management

Our product catalog has been designed to work perfectly with our portfolio of software solutions. Whether it’s stock management, consultative selling, digital signage or any other retail usage scenario, product data is an integral part of it. Our approach is simple: We’ll provide you with our easy-to-use yet powerful catalog management software so you can set up, view and edit product information. In many cases, that data is already available from another source.

Understanding that and the necessity to integrate with large-scale PIM solutions, our product catalog comes with powerful integration capabilities, allowing us to pull data from existing sources and setting them up for use in other tools.

Graphic Product Catalog

Keeping your product master data in check

Product and pricing data are key in the process of running a state-of-the-art commerce environment. In many ways, your product data serves as the lifeblood of your business strategy. Knowing what your products are, what their features are and what they cost is essential in virtually all business processes.

Building on our fully integrated commerce solution, our product catalog provides the foundation to implement product-driven workflows across all channels. Our system pulls product metadata from different sources, enriches it with pricing information and makes it available in our tools. This provides you with a great method of interlinking different back-end solutions and thus using product data consistently in a variety of different scenarios.

Our product catalog aligns perfectly with our commerce software solution

Retail management

Our range of retail management solutions has been tailored for the specific needs of telcos and specialist retailers. Channel management is a key component in the process of implementing a successful omnichannel strategy.

Promotion management

Our promotion management allows you roll out promotional offers across different locations, brands or products. Use it in conjunction with our product catalog software to implement product-driven sales campaigns.

Commerce platform

NTS commerce platform is perfectly equipped to unify your business processes and data across the entire scope of your retail network. Our platform solution serves as the base layer for your business transformation, allowing you to build on a solid foundation you can trust.

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