UPC counts on mobile POS and hardware-on-demand solutions from NTS Retail

To provide their customers with an even better service now, the company has decided to also equip their shops with NTS Retail’s latest X4 POS solution. UPC’s decision fell on NTS Retail as a solution provider who looks back on 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, counting all Swiss telco providers to its customers. Less than three months passed from the project specification to the go-live of the first store.

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UPC (Schweiz) GmbH

  • Swiss telecommunications and media provider with 1.4m customers
  • www.upc.ch

Product portfolio

  • Internet
  • Fixed network and mobile telephony
  • Digital TV


  • Development of new customer-specific business processes
  • Implementation of the store concept within a tight schedule


  • Multilingual operation
  • Simplified login process
  • Mobile POS with hardware on demand
Shop UPC

“Taking advantage of the modular design of NTS Retail’s software package, we are able to always guarantee our customers a “best-of-class” retail experience. NTS Retail has provided competent support in implementing our requirements.”

Mutlu Bütüner / Program Manager Retail Transformation / UPC (Schweiz) GmbH

Care to learn more?

Download the full Case Study and learn more about the implemented solution and customized functionalities.

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