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At NTS Retail, we are passionate about telco brands and want to give them the perfect set of tools to create a smooth & memorable customer experience. As such, we are always keen to share our perspective and engage in insightful discussions with industry leaders.

We hope you find some joy and interesting takeaways in browsing through the contents below.

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Take a look at our paper “Recommended Actions to Manage Social Distancing in Telco Retail” and see which options are right for you.

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Recordings of past webinars

In this webinar (held in German) we are joined by some of our valued partners and outstanding industry experts to discuss the potential of using self-service kiosks in retail. Our panelists discussed the current status of self-service usage across different industries and verticals, how to tap into new potentials and which investments to focus on to build a future-proof retail setup. Our panelists were: Josef Schneider, Patrick Hagemeister (both Pyramid Computer), Andreas Schulz (MICHAELTELECOM AG), Christian Aigner (booker GmbH) and Michael Hoffmann (NTS Retail).

In this webinar entitled “Social Distancing in Telco Retail”, our Head of Product Management Gerd Eberhardt walks us through the impact of social distancing on telco retailers and provides us with his take on a range of recommended action. The presentation is followed by a panel discussion featuring NTS Retail CEO Günther Schrammel, VP Business Development Beniamin Longodor and special guest Josef Schneider, CEO at Pyramid Computer.

Gerd Eberhardt made a guest appearance on One-to-One, the industry podcast by our partner over at Statflo. In this insightful conversation with Statflo CRO Scott McArthur, Gerd discusses the approach towards helping telcos boost their customer experience from a product perspective and how it has shifted over the course of the pandemic. The podcast will be available on your favorite podcast app soon!

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Our info paper provides you with a condensed overview on recommended actions to implement social distancing for your retail stores. Fill out the form to get your copy.

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