Slick services that add an extra layer of flexibility to your business

Limitations from siloed retail business solutions are a thing of the past. NTS commerce platform provides an ecosystem of REST services, that makes it easy for you to unify processes across your sales environment and reduce time and efforts for the implementation of new services. By using common fine-grained services, you can easily tweak and adjust your workflows to facilitate retail operations while maintaining a slim operational overhead.


Benefit from a flexible platform that grows with your business

  • Use unified data and processes across all stages of the customer interaction
  • Create a consistent service experience for your customers throughout all retail channels
  • Set up your business processes according to your exact needs
  • Unify data exchange between your OSS/BSS back ends and your retail front ends
  • Simplified integration testing to help accelerate time-to-market
  • Reduce dependencies from single systems and software providers

Streamline your retail operations and converge existing channels using common business services

Icon Products & Promotions

Products & promotions

Organize your entire product catalog including categories, attributes, media content and much more. Manage pricing information and discount rules on a global regional or local basis.

Icon Shop Management

Shop management

Configure location data for your stores, e-shop sites and warehouses. Handle typical cash day and cash management tasks like cash check, withdrawals, deposits and day-end procedures.

Icon Order & Customer Data Management

Order & customer data management

Manage customer data, orders and processes such as inquiries, appointments and queuing. Share wish lists and shopping carts across various channels.

Icon Payment & Checkout

Payment & checkout

Simplified handling of sales transactions, customer bills, deposits, top-ups and shopping carts using different means of payment. Manage POS hardware access, print-outs and receipts.

Icon Stock Handling

Stock handling

Monitor goods postings, stock orders and stock information across all warehouses and retail outlets. Conveniently manage the registration and validation of serial numbers.

Icon OSS/BSS connectors

BSS connectors

Access external services, import and export master or transaction data. These services are used by our own components (e.g. retail front ends) as well as external systems.

Learn more about our open platform approach and how it assists in realizing omnichannel commerce

Open architecture

Learn about the core principles that form the design basis for a future-proof retail environment. We have devised our solution to provide a maximum degree of flexibility so you can use our technology to implement the exact business workflows you need.

Omnichannel commerce

Applying a full-scale omnichannel strategy is no longer just an option, it’s become a necessity for telcos and retailers around the globe. Our omnichannel commerce approach delivers the tools you need to stay ahead of the game.

Commerce platform

NTS commerce platform is perfectly equipped to unify your business processes and data across the entire scope of your retail network. It serves as the technical foundation for all our customer engagement solutions.

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