There is one major goal in our daily business routine: Finding the perfect balance between economic success, social responsibility and the preservation of the environment. At NTS Retail, we take responsibility and aim at developing our products in a future-oriented way in order to use resources in an efficient and sustainable way. To achieve this goal, we support our employees wherever we can.

To express our commitment with respect to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, NTS Retail has become an official participant of United Nations Global Compact, the world’s leading voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative.

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NTS Retail Code of Conduct

NTS Retail We Assume Responsibility

Environmental protection as fundamental principle

We at NTS Retail strictly adhere to responsible practices in dealing with the environment and natural resources. For us, sustainability is way more than just a temporary trend or a current buzzword; we consider it absolutely necessary in order to secure the future of the generations to come.

Be it matters of waste management, the reduction of energy consumption or CO2 emissions, we are constantly striving to motivate our employees to use resources of any kind sparingly and act responsibly towards our nature. As a result, things like active recycling, waste prevention and using energy-efficient hardware as well as the newly installed video conference rooms to avoid long-haul air travel have become a regular part of our employees’ daily lives.

NTS Retail Environmental Policy

Sustainable procurement as recipe for success

As a company not producing goods in a traditional sense, NTS Retail does not depend on natural resources. Nonetheless, we still put great value to acting resource-friendly and sustainably.

For one, we develop highly innovative software solutions that help save natural resources. With our software, it is possible to drastically reduce the number of paper printouts and by automating numerous business processes, our customers are able to harness great potentials in regard to decreasing the efforts for production, logistics and storage costs.

In addition to that, we also make sure to purchase all the materials we provide for our employees from regional suppliers. Be it office supplies such as printer paper or workplace equipment and technical devices, sustainable procurement is always of great importance to us. This even holds true for the very first procurement stages when examining needs and determining requirements in which we follow a strict four-eyes principle. We take a close look at possible suppliers and check whether they live up to our expectations.

Protecting the environment and adhering to the principles of sustainability while still running a successful business are in no ways contradicting objectives. Quite on the contrary, they represent goals that need to be combined in order to guarantee a successful future for our customers.

Focus on people and diversity

The most valuable resource for NTS Retail are its employees. The time, dedication, talent and know-how they invest in our company are simply indispensable. Therefore, we place great emphasis on creating ideal working conditions for them, promoting their health and providing them with opportunities to receive advanced training and education, while enabling a proper work-life balance.

A responsibly acting company is also characterized by how it treats its employees personally. We always show great respect and appreciation for each of our team members and believe in equal opportunities regardless of a person’s gender, skin color, nationality, ethnical background, religion or ideology, handicap, age, sexual orientation or identity.

Being a responsibly acting company, NTS Retail considers all these points as a matter of course. At the same time, the commitment we dedicate to our employees as well as the promotion of their numerous potentials also constitutes a distinct competitive advantage. Investing in people means investing in the future.

NTS Retail Human Rights Policy

A strong commitment to fair business practices

We at NTS Retail follow a basic principle: It is not just about achieving your business goals but also about how you achieve them. Fairness, transparency and integrity thus represent essential elements of our business management operatives. This is also deeply anchored in our Code of Conduct which reflects our strong internal and external commitment to fair business practices. Following this Code of Conduct, NTS Retail always acts in accordance with all applicable laws and strictly opposes unfair competition, corruption and bribery in any shape or form. NTS Retail employees are therefore generally forbidden from offering, granting or accepting any form of benefits. Regardless of where we conduct business, we are always guided by our high values and principles and deliberately set an example against unfair business practices.

Besides demanding from all the members of our corporate team to act in a rightful and ethical way, we at NTS Retail also place great emphasis on fair play when it comes to our competitors, suppliers and customers. We expect our business partners to respect our principles and, in addition to that, also encourage them to actively apply them to their own operations. After all, this is the only way to achieve sustainable success together.

NTS Retail Code of Conduct for Suppliers