Create an engaging in-store experience using self-service

Self-service solutions play an important role in retail strategies, combining the benefits of both physical and online stores. As consumers, we’ve come to expect such offers to be deeply integrated into the service experience.

Our solutions for self-service queuing, SIM purchases and bill payment perfectly support you in increasing customer convenience. At the same time, you can free your sales staff to dedicate more time to store visitors who seek detailed advice on products and services.

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Grant your customers more freedom and benefit in the process

  • Avoid waiting times and abolish long queues in the shop
  • Expand your service portfolio to accommodate different customer personas
  • Enrich the customer journey with fully-featured self-service workflows
  • Leverage customer and performance data from kiosks to improve your range of services
  • Boost sales by enabling sales outside the hours of operation
  • Automate the registration process by swiftly identifying customers at the kiosk
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Smart self-service queuing

NTS welcome manager is a clever queue management solution for retail stores. Customers can select a consultation topic at the kiosk, enter their name and take a picture. Sales consultants can then easily identify the customer and enter the conversation perfectly prepared. Buzzers in the shape and size of a puck are issued right at the kiosk and start vibrating as soon as it is the customer's turn. Additionally, our solution offers an automatic SMS notification feature, which allows customers to efficiently bridge waiting times. View this solution in action on a polytouch kiosk by our partners Pyramid.

  • Smart digital queuing with waiting time prediction
  • Issue notification buzzers with in-store tracking capabilities
  • Collect visitor data to optimize store processes
  • Allow customers to plan their visit according to their own terms
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Self-service customer onboarding

NTS self-service offers a wide range of functionalities which are used by specialist retailers such as telecom providers. Enable your customers to perform transactions such as purchasing SIM cards or bill payments on their own. Elegantly guide them through the entire transaction using predefined workflows.

Using a document scanner, customers can be registered, and contracts can be processed entirely automatically. Our solution is perfect for enabling operations outside of regular opening hours or at highly frequented locations such as train stations or airports. View the solution in action on a polytouch curve kiosk by our partners Pyramid.

  • Fully automated SIM card issuing
  • Subscriber invoice payment using different means of payment
  • Autonomous top-up for prepaid plans
  • Guided purchasing of products and services
  • Identity verification using a document scanner and face recognition

Self-service aligns perfectly with our solution portfolio

Customer engagement

Our range of customer engagement solutions has been tailored for the specific needs of telcos and specialist retailers. See how it aligns with our self-service solutions.

Queue management

While queue management is a great example for an automation use case, there is a lot going for an approach using a dedicated welcome agent or greeter.

Commerce platform

Drawing upon a unified pool of data and a rich set of business functionalities, NTS commerce platform enables you to easily design your omnichannel retail processes.

Create exciting new self-service experiences

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