A virtual showroom for your stores

Using digital signage, you can overcome the limitations of traditional store designs and bring your products and services closer to your customers. Make perfect use, even of the smallest of spaces and outside of regular opening hours (24 hours a day, 7 days per week). Drive sales while reducing storage costs at the same time.

Digital signage is the pathway to reaching your customers wherever they are

  • Create a 24/7 showcase for your product portfolio
  • Reduce the workload for your retail employees
  • Supplement digital signage with analytics to gain a complete view
  • Display ads and promotional content on beautiful big screens
  • Leverage cross-promotion opportunities with dynamic advertising
  • Roll out promotional campaigns across all stores with ease
NTS vShelf on Digital Signage

Extend your range of services

With an efficiently placed digital signage solution you can subtly and gradually expand the scope of services provided within your store. Use digital signage to showcase accessories and drive sales for these products. Simply realize complete shop-in-shop concepts by putting offers from partners and associated brands on display in your stores. Digital signage works great with self-service solutions – combine the two and create an engaging concept store that works 24/7. Add home delivery options to the mix and you save storage costs in the process.

NTS vShelf on Digital Signage

Boost sales with virtual showcasing

Using our digital signage solution, you can easily add another visual highlight to your store setup. Push contextually relevant messages (like dynamic ads) to your consumers, encouraging them along the way towards their purchasing decision.

Allow your customers to explore your product catalog at their own pace. Use digital signage to run cross-promotional campaigns and notify customers of available bundled offers. You can even implement additional analytics capabilities and allow customers to transition from browsing straight into making a purchase.

Digital signage aligns perfectly with our line of products


Self-service solutions are transforming the way we shop and experience products. Our solution helps retailers offer their customers a great degree of autonomy.

Customer engagement

Our software suite provides a great mix of tried-and-true and innovative tools for CSPs and specialist retailers. They help set the baseline for a great customer experience.

Commerce platform

With our platform-based commerce solution you can set the perfect technological base for commerce innovations like digital signage for years to come.

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