From 14 May 2018 to 16 May 2018 once again thousands of telecoms executives will be gathering at Digital Transformation World in Nice to explore the how of digital transformation. In this posting, we’re taking a look at what’s in store for this year’s event.


Topics, case studies and workshops to follow

The conference is structured into five main tracks, offering a wide range of case studies, panel sessions and workshops. More than 250 speakers, including a keynote panel of speakers representing companies with a combined subscriber base of over 2.18 billion worldwide. The main tracks are:

1.  2020 Digital Operator
2.  Serving the Digital Customer
3.  AI and Data Analytics
4.  Reimagining OSS/BSS
5.  Zero Touch NFV/SDN

Viewing some of the highlights, you could start day 1 in the trenches of digital transformation with Shawn Mandel, Chief Digital Officer at the Canadian operator Telus. He will share his insights and first-hand lessons on:

  • Driving the digital transformation of a large enterprise
  • Building and scaling a high-performance customer-first culture
  • Elevating digital from being a channel to the capabilities engine that powers all channels

On the second day, don’t miss the panel debate on realizing the full potential of AI for the networks of the future, featuring Akhil Kapoor, Chief Solutions Architect at Ericsson. The panel will discuss current and upcoming use cases for business imperatives making use of AI and Analytics.

Going into day 3, learn about reimagining OSS/BSS and join Robert Mei from Bell and Raj Cherchattil from IBM for their workshop on how to combine all of the elements of digital transformation. Get new ideas on serving the digital customer with a case study from US Cellular’s VP Information Technology Kevin Lowell: “No customer left behind: Building a smart back-office for all-inclusive care is about

  • Creating innovative ways to improve customer experience while eliminate pressing OPEX issues such as using human agents to handle processes which cross multiple different systems, environments and channels
  • Identifying and reinventing key processes such as device management and discount applications to achieve dramatic results in savings, revenues and churn in just a short period of time

Digital Transformation World 2018 is going to be packed with interesting workshops, panels and debates. Make your own selection and plan your schedule on-site using the agenda on the website:


Theory in action – proof-of-concept Catalyst projects

Another great highlight is the presentation of 30+ Catalyst innovation projects, created in collaborations involving 120 companies. These projects will likely shape the telecoms industry, as it moves into a decade of digital transformation. At NTS Retail, we are proud to be part of one of those projects. The Catalyst “Phygital Store – Phase II” is where we explore the possibilities of an integrated experience leveraging the CPS’s physical store and its digital interfaces. We are collaborating on this exciting innovation project with our partners Orange, Globetom, Bearingpoint and QualyCloud. Stop by and see how the customer experience can be improved using robotic assistants, AI, upgraded loyalty programs and automation.


Meet us in Nice

Digital transformation is an on-going challenge for CSPs everywhere. While the focus seems to lie mainly on engaging customers online, there is still untapped potential to be found in telco retail stores.

NTS Retail has been working with operators around to world to unlock this potential. Our retail transformation program, which has been nominated for this year’s TM Forum’s Excellence Awards, builds on a combination of different technologies to create an engaging and consistent customer experience. Drop by the Catalyst booths and join us for a demo of our concept of a Phygital Store.

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