Digital transformation is an on-going challenge for CSPs everywhere. While the focus seems to lie mainly on engaging customers online, there is still untapped potential to be found in telco retail stores. NTS Retail has been working with operators around the world to unlock this potential.

Our retail transformation program, which has been nominated for this year’s TM Forum’s Excellence Awards, builds on a combination of different technologies to create an engaging and consistent customer experience. The NTS Retail portfolio of customer engagement tools draws upon unified data and processes provided by our own commerce platform. As our platform is fully integrable with external BSS components using standardized connectors, it effectively creates the foundation for a true omni-channel experience.

In addition to our program, we will demonstrate how CSPs can integrate robotic assistants into the in-store customer engagement workflow. Integrating AI-enabled assistants into the customer journey is our contribution to the "Phygital Store" catalysts program, powered by Orange.

Meet our team at TM Forum's Digital Transformation World in Nice and experience our wide range of software solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of retailers in the telecom industry.

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