An Update on Kelechi and Her Training to Become a Nurse

A better life for many people

In the year 2017, NTS Retail supported a social project at the Madonna Austrian Hospital, which is a hospital located in Nigeria. The hospital specializes in providing eye treatments and performing cataract operations on patients who otherwise would not be able to seek treatment. The initiative was launched by the non-profit association “Sehen ohne Grenzen” (“Seeing without borders”), which organizes so-called “Eye Camps” in countries such as Nigeria, Zambia, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. The project consists of granting necessary care for patients and simultaneously training qualified specialists to achieve a sustainable impact. Read more about it here

The journey of a young, ambitious woman

During the initiative, the Madonna Austrian Hospital supported Kelechi, a young Nigerian woman, in taking on her education in nursing. With the help of a fundraising campaign, the costs of Kelechi’s 3-year training were covered.

Over the course of those years, we have stayed in touch with Sanda Bilic, who helped manage the fundraiser and supports Kelechi on her journey and thus provided us with regular updates on how Kelechi has been doing. The ambitious young woman will be graduating from her studies in May 2021. These are some words that she shared with us:

“I will finish my education by May next year! I’m supposed to finish this November, but I had a little challenge, so I am graduating next May! Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate it! My regards to the company. I love you all!" 

For the future, we wish Kelechi the best of luck and all the best as she completes her training.