Swisscom: Excellent service and high efficiency thanks to NTS Retail's mobile solutions

In order to provide their customers with the best possible service and to live up to the company’s reputation as constant driver of innovation, Swisscom counts on regular service extensions through new features.

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Swisscom AG

  • Swiss telecommunications provider with more than 6.6m mobile customers

Product portfolio

  • Mobile telephony
  • Fixed-network telephony
  • Internet
  • Digital TV


  • Platform-independent conception for hardware components
  • Further optimization of already existing systems


  • Sustainable and eco-friendly receipt system
  • 50% time savings in regard to stocktakes
  • Excellent user-friendliness and operation on common tablet devices
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"Compared to previous stocktakes, we are able to save up to 50% of the time it takes to complete the process. Possible error sources have also been significantly reduced and the overall handling is much easier. This allows even those that have not received any special training to use the software without any problems."

Patrik Brüngger / Sales Logistics / Swisscom AG

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