Save your customers valuable time thanks to self-service solutions

Who hasn't been in a situation like this: You just want to top-up your prepaid credit real quick and decide to go to the next store. But once inside, you first have to wait until it's your turn. The customer in front of you keeps the sales agent busy with about 1,000 different questions. So you soon decide to turn around and leave again. So much for in-store experience. So much for sales performance.

Self-service kiosks offer a great alternative though: Save your customers valuable time. Let them quickly and conveniently perform simple transactions on their own. It does not matter if a customer wants to top-up a prepaid card, buy suitable accessories or settle an open invoice — they do not have to wait until a sales agent becomes available. At the same time, you give your employees enough room for other customers who ask for detailed consulting.

But self-service solutions can do even more.

In our "Did you know?" series, we want to show you how easy it actually is to set up hardware on demand and what custom buttons have in store for you.

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