TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World (formerly advertised as TM Forum Live!) addresses the key challenges in today’s connected world. Telecommunications operators and their peers gather this May in Nice to explore how the Open Digital Architecture is adopted around the world, relying on industry-agreed Open APIs.

In 2018, NTS Retail has again joined a TM Forum's Catalyst program that showcases innovative proof-of-concept solutions to real business problems and will be presented live at the event. The “Phygital Store” Catalyst team includes Orange as champion and GlobeTom, QualyCloud, BearingPoint, and NTS Retail as participants. This Catalyst involves blending physical and digital (“phygital“) interactions, which a customer experiences with the communication service provider (CSP) to create an ecosystem between the CSP and the customer across both, real and virtual worlds. Phygital as an experience is challenging the approach of the traditional in-store interactions in favor of building an integrated experience that exists effortlessly, by leveraging the physical store and the digital interfaces with which the customer interacts.

The aim of the Catalyst is to deliver an unmatched customer experience in-store and online in an effort to reinvent the customer relationship through gamification, robots, AI, GDRP compliance, a personalised loyalty program and automation.

NTS Retail’s contribution to the Phygital Store Catalyst is to integrate a robot assistant into the greeting workflow, which serves as a welcoming agent in the store. Upon entering the store, customers are addressed by the robot vocally and invited to interact with it. Relying on artificial intelligence (chatbot technology), the robotic assistant asks for the customer’s name, the purpose of their shop visit and finally queues them in accordingly in a dedicated waiting line. The goal is to handle waiting times efficiently, while creating a unique, personal customer experience.

The Phygital Store Catalyst leverages TM Forum Open APIs and GDPR management, seeking to build a Trusted Open Digital Ecosystem. This enables CSPs to decrease churn rates and onboard partners more efficiently.

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