Facing a constantly increasing pressure in terms of prices and competition, telecommunication service providers are more and more expected to offer their customers an improved and personalized customer experience in order to distinguish themselves from other market players. Of course, this requires the appropriate tools.

However, finding the right software supplier for your customer experience project is anything but easy. With its recently released toolkit, Gartner makes it easier for telecoms to find their perfect match. The toolkit can be used to track each step of the customer journey and informs about the best supplier for the particular process.

For the areas of research and evaluation, Gartner recommends software products from NTS Retail. Amongst other things, the experts highlight the NTS touchstore which allows you to quickly display and compare complex information such as different tariffs and contract options. The state-of-the-art solution can be used as self-service tool by customers as well as guided selling assistant by sales agents. The NTS touchstore can be installed on multi-touch tables or mobile tablets and enables customers to independently inform themselves about their current data plan and usage as well as to pay open invoices.

In addition to that, Gartner also recommends NTS Retail’s digital signage solution – the NTS vShelf. Using the virtual sales shelf, customers are able to quickly and conveniently find information on a desired product and buy it via the matching app. Being installed in front of your store or at bus stops, it effectively extends your regular opening hours and offers your customers a 24/7 shopping experience.

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