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Welcome & Queue Management

The NTS welcome manager is a highly sophisticated queue management software for retail stores. Right upon entering your shop, customers can give a brief outline of why they have come here (e.g., product consulting, contract renewal, questions about their latest invoice, etc.). The customer is automatically added to the queue for the sales agent best fitting their needs. Doing so, the sales agent has enough time to get a full overview of why the customer has come to the store and can then best serve them.


NTS Retail queue management software running on tablet


Identify your customers

While waiting, the customer is able to freely stroll through your store and, once the assigned sales assistant becomes available, can be easily identified and approached by them. This is made possible either by a before taken picture or an individual avatar (e.g., male, shirt, tie, jeans and umbrella) quickly created during the initial phase. This very personal approach puts an end to the oftentimes unloved system of drawing a number and makes your customers feel welcome.


Bridge waiting times

When the approximate waiting time is below 10 minutes, most customers will stay in the store and explore other products — completely without having to pay any attention to otherwise often-used display monitors showing the next number to be called.

Building up long queues during peak hours cannot be avoided completely, but our top-notch queue management software, the NTS welcome manager, also offers an automatic SMS notification feature for customers. This allows them to efficiently use the waiting time to do some shopping or run other errands nearby. Shortly before it is their turn, they receive a text message informing them that it is time to come back to your store.


Schedule fixed appointments

If the customer has no time to wait at all, it is also possible to arrange an appointment for another day. Appointments can either be made during the queuing process right upon entering the store or a couple of days in advance via the shop's website, a mobile app or by calling in.

Short facts

  • Provide your customer with a warm and personal welcome upon entering your store
  • Collect information on the customers' needs right upon stepping in the store
  • Abolish long lines of people deterring customers from coming in or making them leave immediately
  • Use queue management software to enhance cross-selling possibilities during the follow-up process
  • Let your customers schedule fixed appointments to avoid the queues from building up
  • Notify your customers shortly before it is their turn
  • Determine and assign the sales agent best fitting the customer's needs