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Enjoy central control over your entire store operations and sales campaigns. Benefit from real-time insights into your store activities and retail performance.

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Flexible control over your entire retail business

Designed for running smooth end-to-end telco retail operations, NTS Retail allows you to centrally configure all business processes across your entire store network and indirect channels. A highly flexible promotions engine enables you to implement your campaigns quickly and efficiently. The integrated retail analytics system additionally provides real-time insight into all store activities, goods transfers and sales performance.


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Your benefits

  • Fast implementation of sales campaigns
  • Increase direct/indirect sales by centrally managing all distribution channels
  • Run international sales organizations with multiple store categories
  • Quickly adapt IT retail structures in case of market consolidation
  • Real-time access to all store facts & figures 
  • System operation in online/offline/mixed mode, allowing to continue POS operations even if the connection to HQ is down
  • Quick and efficient implementation of business requirements
  • Maximum security in regard to user errors and fraud



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Promotions Management

NTS Retail provides you with the necessary freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing sales, discount and cross-selling campaigns. With the NTS Promotions Management and the short time-to-market spans it allows for, you are always one step ahead of your competitors...

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Retail Analytics

NTS Retail Analytics extracts all relevant facts & figures regarding your retail stores and thus provides the basis for timely and precise management decisions. It offers a great variety of standard reports, automated alerts and customer behavior analyses. Furthermore, NTS Retail allows you to generate customized analyses and provides standard integration to common business analytics systems...

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Store Management

NTS Retail offers the perfect deployment model for any IT infrastructure — be it an online or offline operation mode or even a combination of both.

In online mode, NTS Retail operates with direct access to a central server, thus helping you save costs for expensive store servers while allowing real-time retail operations. In replication mode, the system provides...

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