Not so long ago, shopping used to be a very personal experience with small business owners knowing exactly what you need. Knowledge of your preferences leading to helpful suggestions and friendly small talk to a pleasant feel-good experience. However, somewhere along the way shopping became depersonalized and large brand stores, that replaced the small corner shops, simply cannot provide that experience anymore. Or can they?

Stringent omni-channel processes combined with mobile technology allow retailers to create a very personalized shopping experience.

It might not be like knowing the store owner personally, but it might just be enough to recreate a similar shopping experience. And it seems to work. According to Gartner, sellers who have embraced digital personalization saw their number of items per order increase up to 50%, average order values up to 53% and customer conversion rates up to 33%.



This concept is called clienteling and the strategy needs three main components for a successful implementation:

  • Information
  • Personalized 1:1 communication
  • Seamless in-store processes

NTS Retail has perfected this clienteling strategy for telco retail stores and provides all necessary means:



NTS Retail’s 360° customer view pulls relevant customer insights from various cross-channel sources such as eCommerce and CRM systems. With a clear visualization of the customer’s profile, this builds the foundation for personalized offers and up-/cross-selling based on your customers’ preferences. Customer centricity builds on unified processes and real-time data and requires a solution that is seamlessly interlinked with the BSS and commerce backend.


Personalized 1:1 communication

NTS Retail allows store associates to put customers in the central stage by offering personalized customer service at the point of sale. Seamlessly interlinked with the BSS, the solution allows it to view and capture customer profiles, check data usage, identify customer preferences, access the transaction history, run omni-channel processes and manage loyalty points. By predicting the customers’ demands and onboarding them with the most suitable tariffs and next best offers, sales agents can deliver a truly customer-centric experience, which results in optimum conversion rates.


Seamless in-store processes

NTS Retail acts as the single point of service in a retail store. On the one hand, it unifies store and online processes and, on the other hand, it guarantees a seamless transition between the various sales stages. Without the need to switch between different programs, the sales personnel is always aware of the customer’s history and there is no need to tell a story twice. Not only does this create a more rewarding and seamless shopping experience, but also helps reduce waiting times. Waiting lines that could deter potential customers from entering the shop in the first place or even cause shoppers to walk away from a purchase — which, according to recent studies, they will do after 2-3 minutes in a line — thus become a matter of the past.