VR eKiosk: Innovative Self-Service Solution launches in 23 locations across Germany

The newly developed self-service terminal VR eKiosk has officially initiated its pilot phase at 23 selected Volksbank Raiffeisenbank locations all across Germany. The terminal can be regarded as a virtual product shelf, offering a broad range of new possibilities in terms of product and service sales due to its unique interaction between hardware and software.  

A unique identity verification process as the recipe for success

Since initiating the pilot phase the VR eKiosk is mainly used in the areas of mobile communications, gift voucher sales and advertisement sales. The kiosk enables the customers to purchase prepaid SIM cards as well as to execute the required identity verification, which is performed with the use of biometric data. Once this process is completed, the customer receives a fully functional SIM card right at the terminal. This procedure is a unique and significant innovation that introduced to the market with the launch of VR eKiosk.

In addition to the previously mentioned functionalities, customers may purchase gift coupons for games, apps, and other digital services right at the kiosk. The integration of an advertising module facilitates the access to a set of impressive and affordable advertising options for both national and regional enterprises. A 32-inch multi-touchscreen provides the perfect interface to display engaging high-quality content to the customers. 

Additional features in the pipeline

Up until now, the project has been going through an intensive preparation stage for the upcoming introduction of additional features. Particularly the identification verification, which is required for the purchase of prepaid plans, is currently passing the approval process of the German Federal Network Agency. Additionally, the activation of the ticketing module is planned later on in the pilot stage. This module will serve as a digital booking office of the future and has been developed to facilitate the purchase of national and regional entertainment and leisure offers.  

A cooperation of experienced industry experts

In order to line up this aspirational project an extensive cooperation between different companies was necessary, each contributing with their own expertise. These companies include VR Entertain, DZ BANK, MICHAEL TELECOM AG, Pyramid Computer GmbH, NTS Retail KG, epay – transact Elektronische Zahlungssysteme GmbH, FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH, booker GmbH, locator GmbH, Department X GmbH and VR Payment GmbH.

For more details concerning the VR eKiosk visit the official website (available in German).

Learn more about NTS self-service

At this time, the VR eKiosk can be encountered at 23 top Volksbank Raiffeisenbank locations all across Germany. Our NTS Retail team was able to contribute to the project effectively by building on our expertise from the implementation of our NTS self-service solution. If you would like to know more about our self-service approach, our experts are happy to answer your questions.


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