There’s no business like telecom retail business

The degree of specialization in telco retail is high and the respective business processes are rather unique.

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“By offering a same-day delivery option, which is currently available in some of our sales regions in Switzerland, our customers receive the ordered goods within only one day. The devices are delivered by courier only a few hours after ordering them via our web shop ,”

explains the project manager in charge.

2. Convenient in-store bill payment

NTS Retail enables your customers to pay their open phone bills directly at the store. This service is very common and highly in demand in some regions of the globe where the post-paid system is predominant.

Our retail experts have further enhanced this functionality with an opportunity to not only pay phone bills but also other invoices for TV, electricity or other things.

3. Automatic sales staff notifications

The store personnel has to keep up with the various offers of the company to keep the customers informed and satisfied. To minimize the coordination effort NTS Retail provides a special notification feature that keeps your sales staff up-to-date in terms of news and offers.

Administrators can easily define particular info messages that are automatically displayed upon logging on to a sales terminal. This ensures that the store personnel receive important information on time and right when their sales shift starts.

“Compared to previous stockcounts, we are able to save up to 50% of the time it takes to complete the process. Possible error sources have also been significantly reduced and the overall handling is much easier.”

5. Payment in installments

NTS Retail supports a wide variety of different means of payment. From traditional cash payment through various electronic means of payment such as credit and debit cards and up to payment via mobile phone or open invoice. Of course, the tried-and-true POS module also supports payment in installments.

Some of our customers have asked us to enhance the system to automatically determine an end customer’s eligibility and creditworthiness. After thoroughly analyzing their payment history, a respective down payment amount as well as the maximum amount payable in installments are determined.



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