The Slovenian market leader in electronic communications, Telekom Slovenije, continues to rely on cooperation with the global retail software and consulting enterprise NTS New Technology Systems GmbH and so also in the tried and tested NTSwincash retail management suite, the go-live for phase 3 being only recently successfully completed with implementation of further customised functions.

Thanks to direct integration of the ePero© signature solution in NTSwincash Telekom Slovenije can now digitally sign printouts such as receipts and subsequently file them in the Documentum© electronic archiving system, all layout templates for printouts and records being additionally optimised for cost-efficient printing. "Precisely these functions support us in our endeavour to reduce paper consumption and increase the efficiency of retail processes, an additional benefit being environmental protection", explains Aleksander Kucler from Telekom Slovenije.

Currently many customers of the Slovenian telecommunications enterprise still pay their bills directly in cash at the checkouts of the Telekom Slovenije shops, resulting in that the shop staff being busy and unavailable for competent product and service assistance of potential customers. To provide staff with more time for their actual core business, Telekom Slovenije will now apply a fixed service charge for every cash payment, this being automatically calculated by NTSwincash and transferred to the existing SAP billing system, not only securing further potential turnover, but also encouraging customers to pay at the self-service terminals.

Telekom Slovenije now also uses the NTSwincash voucher feature for full control over sales, availability and acceptance of vouchers. Vouchers already sold through the previous POS system being seamlessly migrated into NTSwincash. The enterprise now also offers customers a pay by phone service through the Meneta© mobile payment solution, integrated directly into the NTSwincash sales module as a payment gateway making third-party solutions unnecessary.

"Implementation of these innovative features proved to be a challenge, requiring third-party solutions like SAP to be seamlessly integrated into NTSwincash. In view of the tight project schedule successful conclusion of the project was only made possible by the great commitment of our team on-site" underlined NTS project managers Christian Paetzold and Georg Sterz. Vanja Petrič from Telekom Slovenije was also satisfied with the reliable on-schedule implementation of the new functions.