Wilhering, Austria – Telefónica Deutschland and its flagship brand O2 successfully introduced a new central stocktaking management by relying on the support of NTS New Technology Systems which is the leading retail software expert on the European market. The solution is provided by a module of the well-established retail management suite NTSwincash which was especially developed to manage, simplify and accelerate the stocktakes in the approximately 1,000 O2 shops.

As stocktakes can be centrally managed, Telefónica Deutschland now has the means to define the precise beginning and end times for a stocktake. Thus, shops can start the stocktake at different times which will help to distribute the system load evenly. Even the inventories and articles to be included in the stocktake can be defined centrally. Thus, the shop assistants no longer have to manage the stocktake themselves but can work along centrally defined company guidelines. NTSwincash permits the headquarters to check if the stocktake in the respective shop has been started, what its current status is or if the stocktake has already been finished. Additionally, stocktake discrepancies can be checked before the stocktake is finished so that selected articles can be recounted in a shop if necessary.

On the occasion of the successful launch of the NTSwincash module at Telefónica Deutschland, Günther Schrammel, the CEO of NTS, explains, ‘The annual stocktake can be an enormously demanding management task especially for large companies. The new NTSwincash module has been designed to meet the demands of complex stocktaking processes. It is a particularly useful module for keeping track of the stocktakes in companies that consist of many company-owned and franchise shops.’