Telco Retail 2023: A trend synopsis from Q1 key industry events

NTS Retail team at MWC 2023

Q1 is a notoriously busy period in our industry. This also means that our experts are out and about visiting major industry events. Typically, they return with lots of insights and impressions. We have gathered those insights into the current state and the future of telco retail and condensed their findings into our trend synopsis "Telco Retail 2023". In it, we will be taking a look at NRFEuroShop and MWC - three key events that shape the retail and telecom industries. Join us in exploring where telco retail is headed and which key trends will shape our industry in the long run.

Find out what actions to take in order to stay on top of these trends and set your business up for success. Get your copy of our trend synopsis Telco Retail 2023 now!

Download our telco retail trend synopsis

What you will get out of our trend synopsis: 

  • The most important takeaways from key industry events, such as NRF, MWC, and EuroShop
  • An overview of crucial trends in retail technology and how they relate to telco retail specifically
  • Our experts will share their take on what it takes for CSPs to keep their retail business competitive
  • A list of recommended actions to keep top of mind in order to set telco stores up for success

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