If retailers do not want to be left behind, they need to embrace mobile technologies and get ready for the changing demands of the retail landscape. Mobile technologies are already showing great influence on huge parts of both our shopping experience and behavior. This does not only affect the way customers buy products but also holds true for how retailers operate stores and manage their inventory.  

As a recent SOTI survey has shown, about two-thirds of consumers tend to shop at outlets using in-store mobile technology to enhance shopping experience. In order to provide consumers the best possible shopping experience, retailers can utilize mobile devices to directly interact with their customers virtually anywhere in their stores. Furthermore, customers tend to think that store employees who are equipped with high-tech tools are more competent and can provide better help.

Another important point is a powerful omni-channel strategy paving the path for a unified shopping experience that includes all channels (i.e., online, telephone, brick & mortar, etc.). Regardless of where the customer’s journey started, it can be seamlessly continued at the store. Once the sales process reaches the final stage, the mobile sales staff simply asks the customer to swipe their credit card upon which the receipts are automatically printed at the closest hardware station.

Finally, retailers are able to significantly increase profits by making the best use of all the data harvested by analyzing the customers’ digital footprints. Retailers thus receive the perfect opportunity to design specifically targeted marketing campaigns and personalize promotions aimed at generating maximum revenue. By displaying the respective offers on digital signage monitors installed throughout the entire shopping area, customers enjoy being presented products best fitting their individual needs.


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Source: SOTI Inc.