Seven great reasons why telcos and specialist retailers should consider digital queuing

Whenever a potential customer first sets foot into one of your stores, you have a great opportunity to win them over. The first few moments count and setting the right impression goes a long way towards building long-lasting customer relationships. We have figured out 7 reasons why an effective queuing management solution is crucial to providing an excellent customer experience in your stores.


#1 Designed to work in every scenario

A queue management solution like ours can be used in many different scenarios, allowing it to perfectly fit in any store setup – whether you have store associates using it on tablets in mobile store concepts or you are using self-service terminals in front of your stores to let your customers plan their visit on their own.


#2 Figure things out on your own

DIY seems to become a norm for modern customers across all ages, genders and geographies. To figure things out on their own is a shared preference of today’s customers that should be considered when implementing innovative store concepts.


#3 Avoid long queues

Today’s consumers are busy. They have no time to waste and are actively looking to avoid long lines and might turn their back for good on stores that seem overcrowded. They are used to do things on their own pace – online and offline. By capturing your customers’ needs right when they enter the shop, you are able to improve your customer stream handling. Knowing what customers need, makes it easier for your staff to prioritize and structure their daily workload. Using a sophisticated queue management system allows you to inform your customers about the expected waiting time. Following this approach, your customers can use the waiting time as they please – grab a coffee, stroll through the shopping center, etc. If requested, they can even schedule an appointment to minimize waiting time.


#4 Localize customers and send out push notifications

Dispensing a buzzing notification token (“puck”) at the self-service kiosk as soon as your customers have successfully queued in grants them the possibility to use their waiting time as they please. As soon as it’s their turn, the puck starts to blink and vibrate. In most cases, the customers can choose how they would like to be notified, e.g. via text, through the puck or by receiving an e-mail.


#5 Your staff members can prepare in the meantime

Capturing customers’ needs right as they enter the store helps your staff members to prepare for the consultation beforehand. Taking a photo at the self-service kiosk during the queue in process helps them to easily identify their next customer. Leveraging all this information will lead to an increased consulting quality and boost your revenue from cross- & upselling offers.


#6 Don’t waste your employees’ time

In modern store concepts there’s no need to waste your employees’ time. Using a self-service kiosk where your customers can queue in on their own is more than just a short-term phenomenon of our time. A smart queuing solution helps your store staff to better structure their workload to accept deliveries, restock the shelves, consult with customers or prepare for the next customer.


#7 Last but not least – get to know your customers!

Understanding your customers’ needs makes the difference. Provide visitors with a memorable welcoming reception and take a first step towards turning them into loyal customers. Leverage digital queuing to uncover deeper customer insights: How long do individual consultations take? What are the most common service cases? Which concerns are more common during specific times of the day? Making use of these sets of data helps you to improve your service quality in the long term.


Provide an excellent customer experience with our queue management solution

At NTS Retail, we’ve come to understand and view smart welcome management and digital queuing as a key component of the customer journey in any information-driven retail environment. Are you interested in learning more? 

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Verena Katzlinger

Written by Verena Katzlinger

Verena is an experienced marketing expert with a strong background in B2B marketing. With her profound knowledge of complex in- and outbound strategies she has been reinforcing the NTS Marketing Team since February 2019. In her position as Online Marketing Specialist at NTS Retail Verena is responsible for developing and implementing online marketing campaigns to position NTS Retail’s product portfolio in all relevant markets.