“One face to the customer” – every customer request must be adequately answered using the right channel and by the right contact person.

In its Service Trends 2014 report, the Association of the German Internet Industry once again emphasizes the importance of a well thought-out Unified Communications strategy in regard to strong customer loyalty. Customers show increasingly high expectations and demand swift and efficient responses to their requests, regardless of the used communication channel.

Social media often play an essential role and act as the central platform for any interaction since the first point-of-call for feedback or questions is the company’s presence on Facebook, Google+ or other social media platforms. Short response times are of major importance since customers can quickly express their discontent and attract further resentments of others in case they do not feel appropriately taken care of.

Therefore, social media need to be seamlessly integrated into the individual Unified Communications strategy. Special technical tools can be used to sort and process postings in order to assign them to the right contact person. This ensures swift responses.

Find further information here: http://international.eco.de/2014/press-releases/service-trends-2014-stronger-customer-loyalty-through-unified-communications.html