TM Forum Live! addresses the key challenges being faced in today’s connected world. This year’s topic is all about “Connecting digital ecosystems”. NTS Retail has joined two catalysts programs, showcasing innovative proof-of-concept solutions to real business problems:


1.    APPEX Omnichannel:

‘APPEX’ stands for Adaptive Predictive Personalized Experience eXcellence. The catalyst’s objectives are to create an agile omni-channel management framework that supports business goals and is flexible and open to all current and future omni-channel ecosystem participants.

The catalyst team has developed an enterprise architecture derived reference implementation for omni-channel, to assist operators with the business transformations necessary for omni-channel operations.

APPEX omni-channel customers will benefit from a consistent usage experience regardless of the respective channel and may pause and resume a session freely thanks to persistent customer data and smart analytics ensuring most appropriate “next best actions”.


2.    DigiCOPLife: Smart Life : My City, My Home, My Planet

This catalyst will demonstrate the foundation for an agile IoT ecosystem capable of delivering a broad range of smart digital services and show how different vertical domains can be interconnected into a seamless service bundle. It deals with connecting customers in their home, car or the enterprise to optimize the consumed energy levels by providing an interface that will not only show what is being spent but also what can be saved and how.

NTS Retail is proud to support these projects by taking over the part of in-store experience, using its state-of-the-art NTS touchstore solution. It offers the perfect sales & service solution for telco customers. The application includes a comprehensive omni-channel and customer experience strategy and offers various cross and up-selling possibilities. All this makes browsing through article details, comparing products, upgrading them and discovering new offers easy and a lot of fun for customers. As a result, customers are able to identify their "best personal offer" in various ways.


Take the opportunity to watch demos, ask questions and get involved! Visit NTS Retail at the catalysts’ booths or schedule an appointment with our delegates Juergen and Birgit: or

We look forward to meeting you in Nice!