Refurbished notebooks for school kids in Leonding

Since schools have been shut down in Austria back in March, students, teachers and parents have had to transition to homeschooling. Digital communication tools play a key role in enabling teachers and students to connect during this time. A working, capable computer is a basic requirement in order to allow homeschooling to take place. For some families, this already creates substantial issues, as they simply cannot provide their kids with the necessary equipment. The schools, as well, are struggling to equip students in need with devices, despite best efforts.

In order to provide some help in this situation, our IT team refurbished eight used notebooks from our company inventory. The devices were equipped with a current version of Windows and donated to the city of Leonding for distribution among students.

Leonding is of key importance for us, here at NTS Retail: Not only is the city home to our headquarters, many of our colleagues went to school here and went on to live in the city or close by. We are thus happy to help local schools and play a small part in making sure that all kids can still participate in classes.

It’s a great way to find a second home for these notebooks, which we once used to develop software that is now being used around the world. Now, they’ll hopefully help students and teachers to make the most out of a turbulent school year.