Orange Egypt and NTS Retail: Working together to create a perfect customer experience

Orange Egypt, one of the leading telco providers in Egypt with about 33 million subscribers, has been relying on NTS Retail as a software solution provider for more than nine years now. The software is in use to run the POS processes and goods movements for Orange across the entire retail network.

Since the first rollout (initially introduced as NTS wincash) the retail management software suite has been a key component in Orange’s business approach, in which the retail branch with more than 1700 locations plays a key role.

Efficiency as a long-term strategy for success

In order to create more efficient processes within the shops, the software has been introduced in 2011 and has been used to operate the stores and manage store logistics for Orange Egypt since then. Through continuous improvements and optimizations, operations like logistics and sales processing could be implemented to meet Orange Egypt’s requirements ideally. With highly customer-driven business processes and diverse integration requirements, Orange benefitted from the telco specific scope of features within NTS Retail.

One of the requirements revolved around integrating corporate agents into the retail environment. These agents have their stock stored in the retail channel but are not granted access to the system directly. With NTS Retail, these corporate agents can register their collected sales transactions per customer in any shop owned by Orange. This allows them to clear invoices partially or based on certain targets. Open amounts can also be cleared at any Orange shop. Thanks to the system, Orange achieves a consistent overview on the transactions without requiring the corporate agents to change their established means of sale.

On a joint mission for Orange customers

Building on this successful cooperation between Orange and NTS Retail, the efforts will be continued. Always within the focus: The customers and their diverse needs, which can now be provided with excellent service in a transparent and consistent retail setting.