NTSwincash X3, the brand-new version of the well-established retail management software of NTS Retail, includes some nice features. A particularly interesting highlight is the mobile point of sale. The NTSwincash application can be easily and swiftly installed on a Windows 8 tablet which can then be used for completing sales transactions. The necessary hardware can be accessed from the tablet as well.

Sales transactions can soon be completed without having to access stationary billing hardware as sales receipts can be send to the customer via e-mail. Thus, NTSwincash contributes to saving the environment, speeding up the sales process and, as a result, helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Operating NTSwincash on a Windows 8 tablet not only permits using it as a mobile point of sale but also for creating reports on the go, presenting sales numbers or creating new promotions.  


  • New mobile shop concepts
  • High level of compatibility
  • Availability on all mobile devices
  • Improved customer service
  • High level of eco-friendliness