Cash register & retail management software guarantees proper implementation

Wilhering, Austria – The Federal Ministry of Finance has passed the Cash Register Directive 2012. All retail and catering businesses operating cash registers or cash register systems are affected thereby. The directive regulates basic record keeping, mandatory registration and storage of particular fiscal data and their form required for satisfying generally accepted accounting principles.

The innovative cash register and retail management system, NTSwincash, ensures proper implementation of the latest cash register directive making Austrian retail fully prepared for addressing this challenge. "With NTSwincash complete traceability and transparency of goods flows becomes a reality - from branch logistics through storage up to settlement or sales at the POS, enabling shop operators and catering businesses to both affordably satisfy the requirements of the cash register directive and simultaneously present evidence of compliance with it" explains Günther Schrammel, NTS CEO.

NTSwincash supports central control and monitoring of goods movements in real-time, including product ranges and campaigns. In the shop, NTSwincash delivers all the functionality required for professional customer assistance and efficient sales handling. The software has been designed to optimally integrate into existing ERP and background systems such as billing or CRM.