From November 26-29 the annual exhibition “Russian Trada Expo” will take place in Moscow. At the event NTS representatives will present their views upon the OMNI channel development in Russia.

  • Our specialists will dot the I’s in the definition of OMNI channel itself and will point out the main drivers and challenges for the concept introduction in Russia.
  • They will tell about the NTS progressive solutions  applied to the OMNI channel.
  • We are also willing to learn the participants’ opinion on the topic: «OMNI channel Russian style. Features & challenges».

The first speech is held on November 28, 14:45, with the subtopic "Cross-channel intercourse with customers".

The second speech is given on November 29, 13:00, with the subtopic "The cross-channel practice".

Contact our speakers for questions or to make appointments with them:

Alexey Pastuschenko, business consultant, +7 916 626 6243
Alexey Kotenkov, business analyst  +7 965 299 2338
Gleb Bogatskiy, Marketing, +7 921 868 2409