NTS Retail is thrilled to announce to have yet again won one of the prestigious TM Forum Catalyst Awards. Together with the catalyst champions and the other participants, the Austrian telco retail software specialist has been named a winner of the TM Forum’s Outstanding Performance Award for the further advancement of the APPEX (Adaptive Predictive Personalized Experience eXcellence) catalyst.




The objectives of this omni-channel catalyst, which was initially started in 2016 and has now been further enhanced, are to create an agile omni-channel management framework that supports business goals and is flexible and open to all current and future omni-channel ecosystem participants. Its scope includes the full end-to-end customer journey including the buy, use and evaluate phases.

To find out more about this highly interesting catalyst, watch this short video clip showcasing a typical use case.


In addition to that, NTS Retail also participated in another great catalyst project: The Digital and Interactive One-Stop Shop. Leveraging on TM Forum Open APIs, this catalyst looks to have one fully integrated interface so that store processes become faster, more secure and the customer experience is improved. To achieve this, sales agents should not have to switch between systems to fulfill the necessary tasks (e.g., to save customer data, verify their identity and credit worthiness, choose a particular mobile number or generate, save and sign the contract, etc.).