NTS Retail is proud to announce that it has been named a winner in TM Forum’s prestigious Catalyst Award for greatest adoption of TM Forum assets, which is awarded to the Catalyst team that produces the most effective implementation or proof-of-concept of a TM Forum best practice or standard, demonstrating the value of the asset and encouraging adoption.




TM Forum Catalysts are member-driven proof-of-concept projects — which connect communications service providers, technology suppliers and global enterprises from a variety of industries — to develop innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models.

In 2016, the well renowned software company NTS Retail from Upper Austria first participated in two of these Catalyst programs. Out of the 29 Catalysts presented in Nice, a jury selected six winners. Together with its Catalyst team which included Orange, BaseN, BearingPoint/Infonova and ESRI, NTS Retail was part of the winning team for the “DigiCOPLife: Smart life: My city, my home, my planet” project. “Achieving this great success was only made possible by the active contributions of all Catalyst team members working together as a perfect unit. In this context, we would also like to congratulate our fellow Catalyst partners and thank them for the excellent collaboration,” emphasizes NTS Retail CEO Günther Schrammel.

DigiCOPLife: Smart life: My city, my home, my planet deals with the “The Internet of Things (IoT)” which promises a safe, simpler and more eco-friendly lifestyle by delivering automated security and energy management solutions. Accomplishing this requires provisioning services on a single integrated platform that is easy to configure and easier to use, with a “set-and-forget” philosophy. The Catalyst poses the foundation for an agile IoT ecosystem capable of delivering a broad range of smart digital services and shows how different vertical domains can be interconnected into a seamless service bundle, which directly affects our carbon footprint. It also deals with connecting customers in their home, car or the enterprise to optimize the consumed energy levels by providing an interface that not only shows what is being spent but also what can be saved and how.

“Congratulations to NTS Retail and its fellow collaborators on this important Catalyst project,” said Nik Willetts, deputy CEO, TM Forum. “These Catalysts showcase the power of co-creation and collaboration enabled by the Forum, and bring together the best of the best across a wide range of companies, industries and ecosystems. Our sincere congratulations to all the Catalyst winners and to the nearly 100 companies who participated in the 29 Catalysts showcased at TM Forum Live! 2016.”

NTS Retail is proud to have supported this project by taking over the part of in-store experience, using its state-of-the-art NTS touchstore solution. It offers the perfect sales & service solution for telco customers. The application includes a comprehensive omni-channel and customer experience strategy and offers various cross and up-selling possibilities. All this makes browsing through article details, comparing products, upgrading them and discovering new offers easy and a lot of fun for customers.