TM Forum Innovation InFocus is a two-day interactive event which brings together 200+ senior executives to network and learn through innovative use cases and unique Catalyst demonstrations that have been developed collaboratively by TM Forum members. The conference includes key demos, discussion and debates on Customer Centricity, the Internet of Everything, Analytics, Smart Cities, a.m.m.

Meet NTS Retail at the TM Forum Innovation InFocus taking place on November 2-3, 2016, in Dallas and join the live presentation of the “DigiCOPLife: Smart Life: My City, My Home, My Planet” catalyst.

The “DigiCOPLife: Smart Life: My City, My Home, My Planet” Catalyst poses the foundation for an agile IoT ecosystem capable of delivering a broad range of smart digital services and shows how location-based automation can control IoT connected devices, such as lights, alarm systems, and thermostats, based on a person’s location. It connects customers in their home, car or the enterprise to optimize the consumed energy levels in a sustainable way by providing an interface that will not only show what is being spent but also what can be saved and how.

Unlike the numerous other programs and apps on the market dealing with the topic of energy saving, this catalyst also aims at automating underlying processes. To achieve this goal, the system creates kind of an individual ecosystem for a person's home by using their current location as well as certain geofencing areas. Crossing the boundary of such a geofencing area automatically triggers the respective action (e.g., switching off the lights, adjusting the heater thermostat, activating the alarm system, etc.).

Together with Orange, Infonova, BaseN, ESRI and Amdocs, NTS Retail has continuously worked on further developing this award-winning catalyst and will now present the highly anticipated results to the audience in Dallas. To gain a better idea of the project, feel free to check out the “Smart Life Innovation Project” video clip prepared by Infonova.

Visit NTS Retail at the catalysts’ booths or schedule an appointment with our delegates Michael Winkler and Philipp Losbichler: or

We look forward to meeting you face-to-face in Dallas!