Another satisfied customer has now decided to upgrade to NTS Retail Suite version X4. The Emirati telco operator currently counts more than 6 million subscribers and offers various products in the areas of fixed and mobile telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services. After quickly becoming a serious competitor for the largest telecom provider in the U.A.E., the company now holds about 50% of the overall market share.

According to the proposed time plan, the currently used version 9.13 of the NTS Retail Suite is supposed to be upgraded to the new X4 release in the first half of the upcoming year. The upgrade is expected to provide the company with several advantages in terms of technical matters as well as daily business operations.

Apart from updating the various data interfaces in order to create a suitable basis for omni-channel processes, the project also includes a number of new features. Franchise partners of the company, for example, will receive a certain margin for consignment goods. Upon reaching the defined limit, the franchisee will not receive any additional goods until the quantity currently available to them has been reduced by selling some of the respective articles.

The project plan also includes new features with respect to tracking goods movements within individual locations. Whenever a sales agent takes an article from the inventory to show it to a customer during a consultation, the article's availability status will be changed accordingly. This guarantees an always up-to-date overview of all articles available at a particular point in time.

But the company is not the only one to profit from the new NTS Retail Suite version, however; end customers will also enjoy various great new features. In the future, they will receive a text message with a confirmation and the details of a reservation they have placed.