Companies that have grown considerably over time often show highly complex sales and distribution structures. A good example of such a case is a well renowned Polish retail group. Consisting of four companies and having been present for more than 25 years already, this company has established itself on the Polish market. While the group’s main focus is on the distribution of watches, musical instruments and digital cameras, the Polish retailer´s portfolio also includes other products such as calculators, EFT terminals and high-end luxury products.

Over the course of the years, the group has built up an extensive network of numerous stores and distribution partners. This resulted in highly complex corporate sales structures and made the overall administration somewhat challenging. After thorough consideration, the Polish retailer finally decided to take action and introduce the tried and true NTS Retail Suite.

The solution of the Austrian-based POS software expert greatly facilitates the administration of the product catalog and guarantees a smooth connection of all individual segments. With NTS backoffice as its powerful command center, the NTS Retail Suite offers uniform management of master data and system settings throughout the entire enterprise. This significantly improves business management (system security, avoidance of malfunctions, etc.) and distinctly relieves the branch workload, while considerably cutting down administration costs.

With NTS Retail, it is possible to manage all distribution channels conveniently within one system. A sophisticated user rights concept ensures that each party only has access to the data records relevant for them. This guarantees a maximum level of convenience in regard to data management as well as high security standards.

Due to the very complicated and rather unique ownership relations, managing the different segments within the Polish group was considered to be quite a challenge. However, NTS Retail proved to be the perfect solution to smoothly connect all distribution channels and efficiently manage the diverse product range. In the light of the very satisfying and promising results of a first audit, the new solution is now to be rolled out companywide, enabling the group´s head office to conveniently manage all stores and products.