NTS Retail software suite X10 is out

Building on the technological foundation of our solution introduced with previous releases, this latest release of our software suite continues journey towards broadening our platform approach to cater to emerging needs for common business processes in telco and specialist retail.

At the heart of this release remains NTS pos, our web-based POS solution, which is built entirely atop NTS commerce platform. We’ve made a lot of changes in the background allowing for more operational flexibility and scalability, as we continue to shift tried-and-true features to our platform architecture.

We have ported several key business processes to our platform architecture, allowing these processes to be accessed on the service level using our API layer. This means that clients relying on NTS Retail X10 will find it easier than ever to adapt and adjust retail workflows to exactly meet their requirements. The processes we focused on during this release window include:

  • The complete set of reverse transaction processes, including returns, exchanges and cancellations
  • Support for gross and net pricing in various scenarios
  • Payments using gift vouchers including variable settings for verification
  • Ad hoc creation and sending of digital invoices
  • Cash day handling across different access levels (user-based & location-based)


Upgrades to facilitate smooth BSS integration

Besides the efforts to continue to expand the scope of features of our solution, we also made some key upgrades to our software stack, enabling it to work perfectly in conjunction with other critical software solutions in a given BSS environment. For example, we introduced support for Java 11, Oracle 19, OpenID Connect and added several security enhancements to assure state-of-the-art encryption.

Relying on our API-based platform, you will benefit from a range of critical features in order to ensure consistent growth, such as:

  • Maximum flexibility to adjust to emerging requirements
  • Excellent scalability to enable your business to grow smoothly
  • Design smooth end-to-end retail processes with our API-driven architecture
  • Quick time-to-market for the integration of new processes and services
  • Operations for multiple brands on a single platform
  • Independence from hosting and integration constraints