Leonding – Apart from telco operator H3G S.p.A., NTS Retail now also counts a second Italian mobile service provider among its customers. The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is currently in the process of building a branch network operating on NTS Retail software.

The MVNO has decided to use the NTS Retail X3 system for centrally monitoring and steering store operations including promotions management and stock control. “Each POS unit has an online connection to the central system, which allows for real-time access to all store transactions, sales data and stock movements,” informs NTS Retail CEO Günther Schrammel.

The NTS Retail Suite is characterized by a sophisticated concept that is specifically tailored to the needs of the mobile communications industry. This includes very strong customer orientation as well as the need for extensive consulting due to highly complex combination options between handsets, tariff plans and additional services.

In order to meet these requirements, NTS Retail offers specifically designed digital consulting tools enabling the sales staff to provide professional consultations. By means of customer personalization at the POS, sales agents are able to meet individual needs and precisely inform customers to make the right decision. “To assist the sales process, the tools access the corporate CRM system and other backend components during an ongoing consultation via the NTS Retail Suite. Based on the individual case, our software solution then provides custom-tailored product and price details in regard to the relevant cell phones and tariff options. This facilitates the comparison between different offers and accelerates the entire sales process,” explains Schrammel.

In additional to that, the MVNO also plans to use NTS Retail for handling branch logistics. Stock management processes including transfers, goods acceptance and stocktakes are largely automated, which allows for optimum product availability and saves a significant amount of storage costs.

The project is scheduled to launch in spring this year.