We are more than happy to open this newsletter with a big announcement: Johannes Stürzlinger, long-standing employee at NTS Retail, has joined the Executive Board as new CTO of our company.

It was quite a challenging project the Dutch telecommunications provider Tele2 Netherlands entrusted us with: In only 16 weeks our solution should be perfectly integrated, installed and fully operational. But nevertheless, we were able to deliver and we are proud to have completed the project on time and to our customer’s full satisfaction.
Another reason to celebrate was our big success at this year’s TM Forum flagship event in Nice. For its “Smart Technology” project, NTS Retail was announced as one of six lucky winners of the prestigious Catalyst Awards.
So-called smart technology has become a constant companion and surrounds us in all areas — 24/7. It has a huge influence on our daily lives and opens the door for great opportunities in new business sectors and industries. The M2M/IoT Forum CEE in Vienna was dedicated to exploring these opportunities and our telco experts also used this chance to present our award-winning Catalyst live and in color.
And talking about participating and doing your part, NTS Retail has also officially joined the United Nations Global Compact recently. Doing so, we want to make a clear statement that being economically successful and acting in an ecologically responsible way are by no means contradictory concepts.
Last but not least, a use case in a telecom store: A customer shows up at your store with a defective smartphone or tablet PC to have it repaired and showers the sales associate with countless questions such as "Is this covered under the warranty?", "How much do I need to pay for the repair?", "When do I get my device back?" and other things. The NTS repairmanager offers great support regarding such cases.