In-store analytics: Harvest store information

Successful telco operators and retailers have long gotten behind the secret of what it takes to get to the top: know your customers.

NTS Retail's in-store analytics software helps you shed some light in the darkness of your customers’ needs and preferences. Using our tools, all different kinds of user interactions in your stores are tracked in real-time and can thus be analyzed in greater detail. Furthermore, you can also use innovative technologies such as 3D cameras or web cams with facial recognition to collect additional data. This lays the foundation for important management decisions and prompt adaptations of running campaigns.

NTS Retail will give an exciting live demo of its analytics solution as part of its overall store transformation program at the MWC 2017.

Furthermore, we are glad to start our new “Did you know?” series to introduce you the many useful standard features of the NTS Retail Suite. To start off, let’s talk about automatic reports.

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