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The market is currently experiencing some radical changes and shows extremely dynamic developments. Following multi-channel, omni-channel is one of the many buzzwords in the retail industry. Today’s customers often pick one sales channel as a starting point and then switch to another – from the online channel to mobile devices up to shopping at a traditional store.

The big challenge for retailers now is to offer their customers a consistent shopping experience throughout all sales channels in order to remain competitive.

We have already successfully completed several omni-channel projects together with our customers. To learn more about some specific cases, please have a look at our whitepaper on "Omni-Channel Use Cases".

Switzerland’s leading mobile communications provider has actually been providing their customers with a cross-channel shopping service for quite some time already. However, by introducing a new “same-day delivery” option, Swisscom has further enhanced their service portfolio.

Also find out more about the features of our new NTS Retail X4 version or check out some pictures of the latest events, the Mobile World Congress and the EuroCIS.

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