The Open ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do-It-Yourself, and Social) Community is an initiative powered by Huawei. It brings together leading voices from across the ICT industry to answer the urgent questions posed to operators, industries and society by the transformation to Digital Business.

The latest community meeting was held in London, UK, from November 9-11, 2016. The purpose of this conference was to build an open alliance with several Huawei partners in order to help build a more holistic omni-channel management approach.

Jim Lu, President of Global Technical Service, Huawei, announced the Omni channel management industry alliance manifesto. Mr Lu said “Omni-channel is the most powerful enabler for a successful digital transformation. Vertical industries like retail, airline and finance have achieved remarkable results through an Omni-channel approach to their business strategy, enabling faster time to market, customer experience and customer lifetime value improvement. Now it’s the right time to build an industry alliance of Omni-channel management. Within this alliance, the alliance partners will work together to uncover better ways of providing and putting into practice cross-channel, consistent, personalized and contextually relevant customer experience processes.”

Conference topics included what omni-channel means for the telco industry and why it matters now. Global mobile trends were also discussed as well as the questions how digitalization poses opportunities for new value creation and how telecommunications service providers need to undergo digital business transformation in order to remain competitive.



Johannes Stürzlinger, Managing Director and CTO of NTS Retail, shared with the audience some of the key lessons learned, describing how the telco store forms an important part of creating a comprehensive omni-channel strategy. He also explained why in his opinion the retail sector is amongst the leading sector for omni-channel activities and what telcos can learn from retailers.

Furthermore, NTS Retail’s CEO Günther Schrammel stated that “Omni-channel is about to meet your customers at eye level and accompany them in real-time on any channel and stage of interaction. At the same time it implies turning any customer touchpoint into a potential point of service and sales. We at NTS Retail are thrilled to join the Industry Omni-channel Management Alliance and to engage with top industry players with the goal to support operators on their successful digital transformation”.


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