NTS Retail took part in various events this spring. We actively participated in the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well as the NG Telecoms Africa Summit in Pretoria. Mobility that affects huge parts of our daily lives, customer experience and business transformation all played an essential role in these three events.


Integrated Systems Europe

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016 is the world’s largest AV system integration and unified communications event. Partnering with ELO, the inventor of the touchscreen, and Grassfish, an Austrian digital signage provider, NTS Retail designed a highly appealing solution to make stores ready to face the digital transformation that is currently taking place. To combine the best of what self-service, guided selling and digital signage have to offer, we connected our touchstore application to a digital signage system. By doing so, the system automatically displays matching content and additional product information on digital signage screens all around the store.

This provides retailers with an intelligent and subtle way of promoting their devices and services and create an augmented customer experience by showing fitting accessories, playing product videos and presenting up-selling options.


Mobile World Congress

Everything from virtual reality, new handsets and ingenious app ideas to 3D printing, privacy protection and backend solutions was on display at the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry in Barcelona.
NTS Retail was of course also part of the event and presented its digital store transformation program in the light of an omni-channel environment as well as its vision of a perfectly harmonized in-store customer journey.


NG Telecoms Africa Summit

Across the telecom sector network, evolution and management are becoming ever more important as rising demand places capacity under greater strain. At the NG Telecoms Africa Summit, attendees debated the impact that new technologies and processes are having in these areas and what effect they will have on the future of the telecom industry.

In cooperation with Etisalat Nigeria CPIO Otuyemi Otule, our NTS Retail delegates Beniamin and Michael hosted an interesting case-study-based workshop, talking about how to create the a true telco experience store.


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