NTS Retail increases share of electric vehicles and that's what the employees say

A general trend towards alternative drives has been observed in recent years. Not only in the private sector, companies are also increasingly relying on e-mobility. The reasons are manifold: for some, the environmental issue and the falling CO2 limits are decisive, while others see the rising fuel prices and the lower operating and maintenance costs of electric vehicles as motivation.

A few years ago, NTS decided to integrate electric cars into the fleet in addition to conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. We reported at the time: https://www.ntsretail.com/first-three-all-electric-cars-introduced-nts-retails-car-fleet. Since this post, our share of e-cars has doubled and we have taken this as an opportunity to ask our employees why they chose an e-car and which factors they consider to be an advantage in retrospect:

The reasons for choosing an electric car were primarily the proximity to the workplace or the predominance of short distances as well as the desire to protect the environment.

"I chose an electric car because I drive 90% of short distances and try to live in an environmentally responsible way - as a company car, that makes sense automatically." Katharina, Product Manager

The smoothness of the e-car, acceleration and rapid heating/cooling were perceived as particularly positive:

“What I like about the electric car is the good sound quality of the car radio due to the smooth running of the car. I also really like the instant torque and the associated starting advantage. The car can also reach the right temperature before the journey begins. This is particularly pleasant on cold winter days." Philipp, Team Lead Research & Prototyping

Only the increased planning effort for longer distances required a certain adjustment phase.. 

"For me, the planning of long distances in advance was a major change - but I see this as a positive challenge. I will very likely not drive a "combustion engine" in the future."  Gerd, Head of Product Management

After the first electric vehicles were well received by our employees, we look forward to further environmentally friendly cars in our company fleet.