NTS Retail donates monitors to “Jungendkulturbox Ann and Pat”

Every now and then, there is office equipment at NTS Retail that is outsourced and replaced by a more modern version but still fully functional. We have often donated such devices to various charitable organizations in the past and recently, another such opportunity presented itself. Our colleague Marian therefore paid a visit to the "Jugendkulturbox Ann and Pat" with 10 PC monitors from our old stock in tow. The devices were happily accepted by the team there. "Ann and Pat" is an institution of the "Youth and Leisure Association" (VJF in German for short) and offers young people in Linz an open cultural space.

For 40 years, the VJF - which now has 57 employees - has been a contact point for young people from the Linz metropolitan area, offering leisure activities as well as support and advice completely free of charge. With youth centers, street work and TEENIEwork, the organization has already been able to accompany thousands of young people on their journey into adulthood.


The "Jugendkulturbox Ann and Pat" is an institution of the VJF, which creates a space for culture for young people aged 12 to 18 years. Whether through workshops, dance courses, concerts, or the culture café: young people can come together and meet other people in an open and relaxed atmosphere.