As an Upper Austrian company with strong ties to the Linz-Land region, NTS Retail will further expand its corporate social responsibility through a long-term cooperation with the Upper Austrian Red Cross.

NTS Retail engages as a development partner in the project "Fight Against Poverty" in the city of Linz and its surroundings. Our company supports the purchase of a converted Red Cross vehicle, which will be used by volunteer doctors as a so-called HELP-Mobil to provide basic medical care for homeless people twice a week during evening hours and at several locations in Linz. The "Help on Wheels" program is a joint initiative of Caritas, the Arbeitersamariterbund Linz, the Order of Sisters of Charity, the Care Service of the Order of Saint Lazarus and the Red Cross Linz.

"When the Red Cross presented the project to our company, we immediately recognized the urgent need for action. The current vehicle is quite old apparently, suffers from an increasing rate of technical defects and offers too little space for medical examinations. We did not hesitate to support this valuable project, as we are serious about taking social responsibility," explains Günther Schrammel, Managing Director of NTS Retail.

The HELP-Mobil plays a more significant role for people seeking help than merely providing medical care. For many, it is the only place to go and the sole social point of contact for people, who do not visit other homeless institutions. Professional social workers provide counseling, whereas volunteers devote their attention and affection.


Upper Austrian Red Cross – NTS Retail: Fighting against poverty