NTS employees participate in first aid refresher course

In 2017, NTS Retail decided to further expand its corporate social responsibility through a long-term cooperation with the Upper Austrian Red Cross. As a development partner for the project "Fight Against Poverty" in the city of Linz and its surroundings, our company supported the purchase of a converted Red Cross vehicle, which is used by volunteer doctors as a so-called HELP-Mobil to provide basic medical care for homeless people.

As a thank you for our support, NTS Retail employees were given the annual opportunity to get a refresher course in first aid skills. An experienced trainer from the Red Cross provided us with valuable information and retrained us in the skills needed to help injured persons in emergency situations, which might easily occur. First aid responders are the earliest link in the rescue chain and we all know we need to react quickly and assist immediately.

As qualified first aid responders, following this intensive hands-on training, we are now capable to cope with emergencies better and provide reassurance and comfort until the paramedics arrive.