Wilhering / Unterweitersdorf – With the NTS touchstore and NTS vShelf, the renowned telco expert CSP has recently launched two modules of NTS Retail’s touchpoint series at their location in Unterweitersdorf. The pilot project that will last from the beginning of December to mid-January was implemented in cooperation with hardware partner Elo.

The NTS touchpoint series provides customers with an opportunity to get informed about products and purchase items both independently and together with a sales consultant. In this context, CSP has decided to use the NTS touchstore for product consultations regarding cell phones and mobile tariffs. The self-service consulting tool offers a remarkably high entertainment factor: Using the 32" multi-touch table with Elo screen, customers are able to immerse themselves in the CSP world in a playful way while getting familiar with the entire product range on their own or together with a sales agent.

“Our customers are now able to independently compare cell phones and tariff options. Doing so, they can choose from a wide range of different articles, including a number of A1 products, and combine them according to their own needs,” informs Herbert Steininger, managing director at CSP - Competence Service Partner Handels GmbH, about the brand-new infotainment solution.

The very heart of the pilot project, however, is the NTS vShelf: The “virtual sales shelf” helps customers to quickly and intuitively find suitable accessories for their smartphones. It is designed to overcome the boundaries of a classical store concept. With only a few swipes of their hand, customers are able to get information on the CSP product range, browse through images of articles and call up other multi-media content. The customer simply selects their smartphone model on a 42" Elo screen upon which a list of proper accessories is displayed. To buy one of the displayed items, they can print a small product slip directly via the vShelf and take it up to the checkout counter for payment. Parallel to the printed receipt, an e-mail containing all the necessary product details is sent to the checkout agent. The CSP employee then only needs to compare the information on the printed slip with the received e-mail before placing a corresponding order with the supplier by following a hyperlink also included in the e-mail.

Apart from the NTS touchstore and vShelf, the pilot project also includes the launch of the alpha version of the new touchpoint management system. Using this tool, CSP employees can add new articles to the product range or keep prices of mobile phones and tariffs up-to-date completely on their own. The idea behind the NTS touchpoint series is simple: “At least one-third of customers entering a store with the intention to buy something leaves without having found what they were looking for or put off by having to wait too long for a sales consultant to become available. With our touchpoint series, this problem is a thing of the past,” explains Günther Schrammel, CEO at NTS Retail.